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Can someone give me a quick tutorial on how to purge? I have had cornflakes and I feel like absolute shit for letting them down my system. No one deserves to feel this shitty.

Last night i had experienced a weird dream. In case i might forget it, that i will, i am gonna post it as a text on tumblr. Usually my dreams consists of many parts and out of the parts i dreamt, the 2 tend to merge into each other. In the first part out of the 2, i am apparently living in saudia city and due to the technology and evolution of science, every object or a scene that a person seems to look at, appears to be 3D. So, i happen to be at star market for some grocery. If i am not wrong, left the same house that we used to live in during noon time and i came back by 6 pm. I have been to star market by walk and it is easy to tell that it only takes 10 minutes but wtf is up with taking so much time. All i could buy was disposables, 500 ml pepsi (i wouldnt buy pepsi in reality), few chocolates, chicken luncheon (still waiting for me in the refrigerator). Although the same could be around SR 25-30, but from the digits that i remember, was SR 7. Then i made my way to House Of Donuts to buy some donuts (i dreamt donuts for the second time, for heaven’s sake). When i found out that the shop was closed, i took the pepsi can out of the shopper and threw it away. On my way to our old home, i found an old neighbour of us, who has in reality moved to Pakistan and havent been to Saudia City in years. Anyway, the moment she saw me she accompanied me to home. And in the meanwhile, i asked her about what is she upto these days. Given that i do not give a damn about what she did or what she is gonna do, i subconsciously remembered all of her detail and asked about something that she told me a looooooooooong time ago and i dont even care what was it. By the time i reached home, it was already magrib and considering the time, i left during Zuhr’s time. I found my cats playing playfully in our garden. I called out to rock (still not over her) and as usual she didnt growl at me, instead she whirl around me. But as soon as i open the door and cross the threshold of the house, the entire thing changes as the other part of the dream.

3-dimensions ‘reality’ at its best. Basically my face do change in dreams but as the experts say that you can see everyones face in the dreams except for yours or maybe idk whoever that girl was. My name remains the same and she had a different name. It seemed like a sequel to ummmm Aashiqui 2 (LOOOOL) where the guy was supposed to commit suicide cox of his gf being more famous (i heard his convo, judge me xD) but instead he gets brutually killed. The blood shedded was 3D too, the torture cell was 3D too, the tears were 3D too. I dont remember much of it and i cant even make the whole thing. :/

While typing it, i remembered another thing that I was at a building structure that resembled Masjid ul Haram. (Saying it due to the surrounding). And there was a bridge, a passage bridge. There is apparently not a bridge such as that one near Masjid ul Haram but i called it as the passage bridge. But as the 3D perspective took place, the bridge thingy started to move and the point where i was standing it tend its direction of the surface towards it. What i saw was…ummmmm…..many of dead bodies laying in a queue. Rows of dead bodies. Maybe i was reading some news about ‘Gaza under attack’ and it could have been a part of what could have been left inside of my mindd. Maybe. Not suree. The mourners were many…many that could be counted easy. Yup despite of being many their counting could be easy as compared to the dead bodies covered in white cloth without a blood stain. And around them was pile of the soil which would cover them. Could it be that the passage bridge was a sign of being a mass grave? Khair…. idk the rest.

But to bring in the reality. A bridge or a passage is being constructed in Makkah and also Hajj is approaching near. I dont know what is that supposed to mean. And haj comes in the last week of sept or first week of oct. :/

I need a blade

I am feeling suicidal

I always end up being alone

I hate that bitch. Our warden

I am loling so hard :D


Me when I’m the next one to present in class


my throat just ran dry

Yeah. I love you. 

They say that school life is toughest but, to me, school life was the best thing that had ever happened to me. University life, on the other side, is getting edgier and sharper. It’s not like I am having trouble in apprehending subjects, which I am quite satisfied with. What I find unsatisfying the most is, people constantly using and mis-using one another. A girl herself hooks up with different boys but, if her “real” boyfriend talks to another girl, she creates a havoc. 

There are groups at our university, comprising of several members yet, there’s no glimpse of unity and individualism in them. University life sucks. Probably, I am here to study, which is my duty, which I am performing with quite enthusiasm but, I am unable to stand the people of University of Central Punjab. 

(This post may seem broken, incomplete, but, as soon as I get my mobile, I’ll be writing a novel of my rants)


Fireworks start going off in the ghetto and white people be like



I just died.

I know I'm unstoppable, there's nothing that could slow me down or break me down.

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