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I need a blade

I am feeling suicidal

I always end up being alone

I hate that bitch. Our warden

I am loling so hard :D


Me when I’m the next one to present in class


my throat just ran dry

Yeah. I love you. 

They say that school life is toughest but, to me, school life was the best thing that had ever happened to me. University life, on the other side, is getting edgier and sharper. It’s not like I am having trouble in apprehending subjects, which I am quite satisfied with. What I find unsatisfying the most is, people constantly using and mis-using one another. A girl herself hooks up with different boys but, if her “real” boyfriend talks to another girl, she creates a havoc. 

There are groups at our university, comprising of several members yet, there’s no glimpse of unity and individualism in them. University life sucks. Probably, I am here to study, which is my duty, which I am performing with quite enthusiasm but, I am unable to stand the people of University of Central Punjab. 

(This post may seem broken, incomplete, but, as soon as I get my mobile, I’ll be writing a novel of my rants)


Fireworks start going off in the ghetto and white people be like



I just died.


I majored in gif making.

I need feminism?? No, I need free air to breathe.

I need the courage to spit out the fact, that I am not a material to be objectified. 

I need the guts to scream that I am not a statue to be praised or stared at.

I need the confidence to declare that I am worthy enough.

I need the words to debate that I am not anyone’s “babe”.

I know I'm unstoppable, there's nothing that could slow me down or break me down.

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